Hoodie but a goody.


CREATED in Illustrator CS2. I like doing these type of illustrations, but they’re always a bit scary, I always get scared. I usually start with the eye, have no idea why? I think maybe it come from when I doodle, for some reason I inevitably end up drawing an eye! Strange, maybe it’s my subconscious telling me to look after mine.

Once the eye is drawn I carry on with the rest of the face, sometimes jumping to the hair, in this case I think it was the hat. It’s funny, but it’s not until quite late on that I know whether a piece of work is, well, working. Sometimes even then I’m unsure. That’s the scary part, will it work? is it worth carrying on?

The answer of course is yes, you do carry on, how do you really know if you cracked it. I think I did with this one (Well, I like it)


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