My process, the abridged version.


GEORDIE Diary cover, as you can see this was done a while ago, but I thought it would illustrate a little, the process I use to create an illustration. Firstly, there’s the initial sketch, in this instance I was lucky in that the client liked the first draft (not a common occurrence) and there was only one minor change, which was to take out the building top centre, this was supposed to be Alnwick Castle but it was thought that it wasn’t very recognisable, so was omitted in the next draft. As you can see on the next draft things were tightened up a little, I scan the drawing in and clean it up in Photoshop, takes a little time, but makes things much easier when doing the final artwork.

Next I place the scan in Illustrator and set it to template at 30% (Double click the scan layer and click template, then dim image to whatever percentage you require) this fades the scan and makes it easier to see your linework in Illustrator.

For the linework I use the pen tool and draw over the drawing, I don’t use a stroke, I do linework by building the line using blocks of colour, I find this gives it a more hand drawn feel. With the linework done it was then time to add the colour, I create a new layer underneath the line layer (making sure to lock the line layer) Doing this ensures you have a nice clean finish and works out quicker as you are just filling in behind the line. Once all the colour and line were done I just had to save the file as an eps and then open in Photoshop to put type on and fade at bottom.

And that’s that, not a very comprehensive overview, but it gives you an idea how I work. It’s very time consuming, but I it’s worth putting the time in as the end result can be very satisfying.


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