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Weekly Inspiration.


URBAN Sketchers is a great and very inspiring site. It features the work of numerous artists from all over the world.

Urban Sketchers is exactly what it says on the tin. People who sketch in the urban environment. The main rules are that the drawing should be urban, made at the location, no drawing form photos and no compuer generated images.

So have a look and then get yourself a sketchbook and get drawing.

It’s inspired me to get out there, when I get chance I will be doing just that.



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WELL It’s been a while since I posted about my intention to do a drawing a day for a year. Inspired by Chris Ayers I started on my graphite journey. I started with great enthusiasm, loads of ideas, a month or so down the line, it’s getting harder, I find trying to think of what to draw to be the hardest thing, reminds me of when I was a child and I would shout ‘Mum, what should I draw?’Also hard to get time to draw every day, but then I realised that not every drawing had to be a masterpiece, as long as I draw.

Things however have got easier, after a comment from Mr Ayers on this very blog, I am now extremely motivated to complete this task. So, on the drawing goes.

Above is a very small selection of drawings, more will follow. Oh, and if anyone has any suggestions of things to draw, please let me know.


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