WELL It’s been a while since I posted about my intention to do a drawing a day for a year. Inspired by Chris Ayers I started on my graphite journey. I started with great enthusiasm, loads of ideas, a month or so down the line, it’s getting harder, I find trying to think of what to draw to be the hardest thing, reminds me of when I was a child and I would shout ‘Mum, what should I draw?’Also hard to get time to draw every day, but then I realised that not every drawing had to be a masterpiece, as long as I draw.

Things however have got easier, after a comment from Mr Ayers on this very blog, I am now extremely motivated to complete this task. So, on the drawing goes.

Above is a very small selection of drawings, more will follow. Oh, and if anyone has any suggestions of things to draw, please let me know.



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4 responses to “365.

  1. nice paper – looks like it’s in a pad?
    i have a couple of new, empty moleskines ready for doodles and art. might use this idea to get me started.

  2. bewick70

    Yes mate, it’s parcel paper but in a ring bound book, really nice draw on. I have a few moleskines too, always too scared to ruin them at first lol.

  3. Hannah

    Love em – never knew u were so talented (although of course i knew u are talented). I’d be delighted if u fancy drawing Otis?

  4. bewick70

    Why thank you Hannah (I think lol) If you email a high quality pic through I can certainly do a drawing of Otis, my email should be on my Facebook page 🙂

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