Weekly Inspiration.


URBAN Sketchers is a great and very inspiring site. It features the work of numerous artists from all over the world.

Urban Sketchers is exactly what it says on the tin. People who sketch in the urban environment. The main rules are that the drawing should be urban, made at the location, no drawing form photos and no compuer generated images.

So have a look and then get yourself a sketchbook and get drawing.

It’s inspired me to get out there, when I get chance I will be doing just that.



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4 responses to “Weekly Inspiration.

  1. there’s a great book called An Illustrated Life featuring the sketchbooks from a range of illustrators and it contains lots of urban sketches. highly recommended book of inspiration.

  2. bewick70

    I got that for Christmas mate, reading it at the moment, very nice book indeed.

  3. Hey, great blog here. Thanks for sharing the news about USk. That’s me in your photo there, btw- sketch on, friend!

  4. bewick70

    Thanks for the comment Rob, love Urban Sketchers, it’s one of my daily visits :), I take it they’re your drawings next your pic? Great work!

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