Fear of a blank page.


LAST week I treated myself to an A3 Moleskine sketchbook, it wasn’t cheap but the paper quality is second to none, nice and smooth, I love the yellow tint it has. I’m always looking for the perfect book. And pencil for that matter but that’s another story… with a happy ending I might add!
I have a habit of always drawing A4, I think it comes from only having an A4 scanner, but lately I’ve been craving the chance to do bigger work, so the answer was an A3 sketchbook. Now, it’s not the most portable of objects. So I’ll reserve larger sketches for home.
The drawing above was done in my sparkly new sketchbook, and as I’ve already mentioned, I’m scared of new sketchbooks! Terrified! I have at least 10 smaller sketchbooks untouched through fear of spoiling them, mad, I know.
But this one was different, the first stroke of the pencil was a revelation, like being back at art school, the freedom of the larger workspace is fantastic, tomorrow I intend to more drawing in my new, now not so sparkly sketchbook. See, I can do it. I beat the fear, don’t get me wrong, I still hide new sketchbooks in drawers (They can’t see you from there) but I feel I’m finally moving forward, the blank page holds a lesser terror.

Until I buy another new book…



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2 responses to “Fear of a blank page.

  1. seanuk

    I love Moleskines too – but the sketchbooks don’t take rubbers very well – it rubs some of the yellow off. I also found out the hard way that watercolours don’t take well either – all blotchey on that coated paper, but then there’s the watercolours books for that so all good 😉

    …and I too have a number of sketchbooks untouched thru fear or that first f***in page!!

  2. bewick70

    lol the curse of the blank page, I reckon every artist gets the same! Maybe the trick is to skip the first page and start a few pages in! 🙂
    I’ve not noticed the rubber thing, will have a close look, wonder if a putty rubber would be less abrasive?

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