Highland cow.

LOVE Highland cattle. Pencil/pen. Excuse quality, taken with phone.



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11 responses to “Highland cow.

  1. Nice pen work! Really like this

  2. bewick70

    Thank you! Drawing A3 really makes a difference when adding detail.

  3. Cool! You can clearly see the advantages of A3 paper, nice details.

  4. Wolfie

    Hi, is it possible to purchase this print?

  5. Wolfie

    Excellent, please do keep me posted on this. Thanks

  6. Wolfie

    Hi, any news on the prints?

  7. bewick70Sean

    Hi, sorry, been very busy, don’t think prints will happen until January at earliest I’m afraid.

  8. Seema

    Hi, still interested in this print, if you now have the time? Please could you email me directly if possible.

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