A little about me…

Right then, here goes, a bit about me… originally from the South, Peterborough to be exact, if you’ve ever been to the ‘Boro’ you will know why I now reside in Newcastle upon Tyne. Moved here after completing my degree at Camberwell School of Art. I’m the creative type, and yes, I do have a beard… of sorts.

I work for a local newspaper as a Graphic Artist and also do freelance illustration for an agent in London.


5 responses to “A little about me…

  1. Seema

    Hi, is your highland cattle print for sale?

  2. Mark Graham

    Really interested in you doing an illustration (pen and ink) of a Highland Cow. Its for a new tearooms opening in Ayrshire. Not a big budget (so being sneaky not going through your agent) I’ve got good reference for the ‘Cow’ . It’s just the head, not the body. Budget would be about £200.
    I am based in Glasgow, bur originally from Geordieland. Thanks for your time. Mark Graham. 07885041993

    • bewick70

      Hi Mark, that’s doable, would depend on timings though. When do you need it by? Drop me an email at sean.collins at mac.com

  3. Mark Graham

    Hi Sean, sent you that email you asked for!
    If you can reply, great. Need to to start planning.

    Cheers, Mark Graham.

  4. Mark Graham

    Hi Sean, check your emails. Sent a couple over the last 2 days.

    Cheers. Mark.

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