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Just plane fun.

WHEN I was a child I would spend hours drawing aircraft, usually from my uncle’s extensive collection of books on the subject. I would use coloured pencils or felt tips, sitting at the table all afternoon getting every detail right. I don’t have any of those drawings left, thrown away long ago. A distant memory.

So fast forward a few decades and I’m sitting at my computer wondering what to do, then it comes to me, I’ll do a plane! I got quite excited at the prospect of spending time doing something I used to love doing as a child. So I searched Google for the perfect image, I decided the plane I would do was the F14 Tomcat, a favourite as a child, saw them quite a few times at airshows as a boy, fantastic!

So here it is, the result of that afternoon reliving my childhood, but you know what? It’s not the same, the computer is no substitute for coloured pencils or felt tips. Doesn’t have that life to it, maybe I’ll go buy some felt tips next week…

Created in Illustrator CS2.


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