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One of the reasons I do this.

FREELANCING while being full-time employed can be a nightmare, take this past week for example. Working at my daytime job, then every night I came home and worked on my freelance work, a series of illustrations for school books. It’s now Saturday evening and I’ve just finished another day of pencils, and there will be more to do tomorrow. But you know what? I love it, I love to draw, create and deliver a good job to the client.

What I love most though, is going into a shop and seeing my work in print, not because I want to show off, but because the sense of satisfaction of a job well done is amazing.

I remember my first magazine work, for a Playstation magazine (Pic above, post below) I walked into WHSmiths on the morning the magazine was released, very nervous, very excited. I picked up the magazine, (wrapped in a foil bag so I couldn’t get into it!) I payed, and as soon as I got out of the shop the packet was open and I was frantically flicking through the mag looking for my work, and there it was… my work, in glossy full colour glory, I wanted to show everyone! (Obviously I didn’t, that would be foolish) but I was buzzing! It had came out fine and looked great! (In my opinion of course) I couldn’t get the smile of my face, all day, grinning from ear to ear!

An amazing day for me, and that buzz still gets me today, I still get excited at seeing my work in print.

That’s one of the reasons I do this, the reason I spend most weekends and week nights working.

It’s for the buzz!


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