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Highland cow print for sale.

Highland cow print for sale.

A4 giclee print, mounted and boarded ready for framing. Limited edition, all prints signed and numbered. £35, see link below for buying details.



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June 3, 2013 · 11:48 am

Highland cow.

LOVE Highland cattle. Pencil/pen. Excuse quality, taken with phone.


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Fear of a blank page.


LAST week I treated myself to an A3 Moleskine sketchbook, it wasn’t cheap but the paper quality is second to none, nice and smooth, I love the yellow tint it has. I’m always looking for the perfect book. And pencil for that matter but that’s another story… with a happy ending I might add!
I have a habit of always drawing A4, I think it comes from only having an A4 scanner, but lately I’ve been craving the chance to do bigger work, so the answer was an A3 sketchbook. Now, it’s not the most portable of objects. So I’ll reserve larger sketches for home.
The drawing above was done in my sparkly new sketchbook, and as I’ve already mentioned, I’m scared of new sketchbooks! Terrified! I have at least 10 smaller sketchbooks untouched through fear of spoiling them, mad, I know.
But this one was different, the first stroke of the pencil was a revelation, like being back at art school, the freedom of the larger workspace is fantastic, tomorrow I intend to more drawing in my new, now not so sparkly sketchbook. See, I can do it. I beat the fear, don’t get me wrong, I still hide new sketchbooks in drawers (They can’t see you from there) but I feel I’m finally moving forward, the blank page holds a lesser terror.

Until I buy another new book…


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Fashion victims.


THESE were unused, sometimes you have to create several images to know what you don’t want, these were for a fashion chain, but were deemed a bit old fashioned in style, I quite like the look of these, almost remind me of old sixties pattern packaging. I never discard the unused work, you never know when you might need it, even if it’s just a reminder of a certain style, what’s not right for one job maybe perfect for another, now I just have to wait for that perfect job to come along.

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Henry Rollins.


SORRY for the delay in posting anything, it’s been an incredibly busy week, deadlines all over the place. Anyway,  was created using felt tip pens, I quite like the texture they give, you can see it was done by hand. Computer generated images never seam to have that, never mind how much I try. I’ve tried using Painter, but I just can not get it to do what I want, I should really try and practice with it more. I’ve seen some amazing work done in Painter, very like traditional painting, maybe I’ll get around to trying it again soon… maybe.

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SKETCHBOOKS are, in my opinion, a must. I’m as guilty as the next for not doing enough sketchbook work, but when I do, I spend hours covering every page with drawings (always starting with an eye of course)

I must have a dozen unused sketchbooks, I keep buying them whenever I see a nice one, I go into art shops and spend ages looking for the right one, has to have just the right paper (usually a nice smooth surface) I leave the shop satisfied with my purchase, get home, and stare at the the first page.

Blank, nothing, the first mark is so important to me, I’ve been known to discard the first page because the mark on the paper wasn’t right! It’s ridiculous, but that’s how I am.

The first page is terrifying. I still have it in my head that every page should be a masterpiece, I envy people who can just sketch, whatever the outcome, I am going to make it a point to try and do that in the future, just draw, and enjoy it, after all, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

So when I next have downtime, I’m going to crack open one of my collection of sketchbooks, and just draw, whatever the outcome… I’m getting scared already.


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