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One of the reasons I do this.

FREELANCING while being full-time employed can be a nightmare, take this past week for example. Working at my daytime job, then every night I came home and worked on my freelance work, a series of illustrations for school books. It’s now Saturday evening and I’ve just finished another day of pencils, and there will be more to do tomorrow. But you know what? I love it, I love to draw, create and deliver a good job to the client.

What I love most though, is going into a shop and seeing my work in print, not because I want to show off, but because the sense of satisfaction of a job well done is amazing.

I remember my first magazine work, for a Playstation magazine (Pic above, post below) I walked into WHSmiths on the morning the magazine was released, very nervous, very excited. I picked up the magazine, (wrapped in a foil bag so I couldn’t get into it!) I payed, and as soon as I got out of the shop the packet was open and I was frantically flicking through the mag looking for my work, and there it was… my work, in glossy full colour glory, I wanted to show everyone! (Obviously I didn’t, that would be foolish) but I was buzzing! It had came out fine and looked great! (In my opinion of course) I couldn’t get the smile of my face, all day, grinning from ear to ear!

An amazing day for me, and that buzz still gets me today, I still get excited at seeing my work in print.

That’s one of the reasons I do this, the reason I spend most weekends and week nights working.

It’s for the buzz!


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Hit that deadline.

THESE illustrations were done for a Playstation magazine called PSM2 (Probably PSM3 now) The deadline was quite tight, having a full time job and doing freelance can be hard… but fun!

The brief was to illustrate an article about the video game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas’. Readers of the magazine were invited to send in their ideas for what they wanted to see in the game.

I got the brief for this job on a Friday, the deadline for final artwork was Thursday of the following week. This meant I had to spend the weekend doing pencils so I could email them to the client Sunday evening.

Pencils were done and sent of Sunday evening, Monday evening I got feedback, made changes and emailed the pencils back. Tuesday morning I got the go ahead for final artwork. Luckily I’d booked Tuesday off work, and at the time didn’t work Wednesdays because I worked Sundays (Did I forget to mention that?) Add to that the fact that I didn’t have broadband at the time, which meant I would have to get the artwork out in the post by special delivery Wednesday afternoon, this gave me Tuesday and Wednesday morning to get it done.

At 11am Tuesday I started work on the final art, the way I work is I do a pencil drawing, scan that and work over it in Illustrator. I create a background layer with the scanned drawing on. Then above that I have two more layers, one for colour and one for line work. The line work is done first then the colour on the layer below, for me this makes it easier as you are colouring behind the black line work, so it works out quicker in the long run.

So, as I said, I started these illustrations at 11am Tuesday, there are actually 6 in total. As is the usual I think ‘Ah, this won’t take long’. Yeah right, I finally finished the last illustration at 6am on Wednesday! Worked all through the night, caught a few hours sleep, woke up, had a final check of the artwork, then it was burned to disk and off in the post by Wednesday afternoon and with the client first thing Thursday morning.

The lack of sleep and long hours are well worth it, especially for that feeling when you walk into a shop and see your work in a magazine in all it’s glossy glory 🙂

I think the point of this is that no matter what it takes, you should always hit a deadline, you will gain respect from the client and they will always consider using you again.

(by the way, that’s me in the flying through the car window in the middle illustration)


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