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Make it personal.

WELL, after a long break from blogging. I’m back. Work load has been a major factor in my absence, juggling a blog and work isn’t easy. But not all the work was paid, some recent illustrations have been for myself.
I found I got very stuck in the ‘If I’m not getting paid, what’s the point?’ mode. I used to say it religiously. Then one day I heard myself, what on earth was I saying?!
I got into this through a love of of art, of the visual, of creating something, for that buzz you get when you complete, and are happy with, a piece of work. I need to regain that feeling.
So I set myself a project, some of the fruits of which you can see above. I decided to do a book of bird portraits. I am a bird lover anyway, paid -up member of the RSPB so portraits of my feathered friends seemed the obvious choice.
And I won’t lie, I’m loving it! The fact that I’m not getting paid matters not. You can’t buy the feeling of creating for yourself and that is why I will always endeavour to do just that, as often as I can.

It’s good to be back!


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